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This tool will help you have a prompt ready a bit faster than doing it manually. Set your parameters, add styles and click “Copy Prompt”. The content of your clipboard can be pasted directly into Discord as it already includes “/image prompt:”.

The most important thing is always your subject and setting, then comes the styling and all other extras. Midjourney tend to give more importance to the words and expression in the begining of the prompt and the words in the last part of the prompt matter less.

If you are interested in writing better prompts, visit our guide: “Midjourney prompting Guide”


Some useful links:

Midjourney Status (see if MJ is working)
Midjourney Docs (official MJ documentation)
Chat GPT or Poe (might help you get ideas for prompts)
Seamless texture checker – check the ressults of “–tile” images
midlibrary.io (hundreds of styles, artists, techniques)